The four Freiburg guitar trios

CD (2009) / MP3

Alexander Villinger: The four Freiburg guitar trios

INFORMATION: we would like to inform our customers that we have discontinued CD/DVD production and CD/DVD distribution in 2018, as both media have become obsolete in the meantime. Therefore the compositions on this album will only be available in mp3 format.

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Track listing:

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1. Trio #1, op. 9 9:00 EN | DE mp3 | CD
2. Trio #2, op. 21 23:00 EN | DE mp3 | CD
3. Trio #3, op. 27 18:30 EN | DE mp3 | CD
4. Trio #4, op. 31 15:30 EN | DE mp3 | CD

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Original CD release date: April 2009

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