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Alexander Villinger: JazzRock Ballads

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Track listing:

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1. The view from here is beautiful, SV. 156 6:30 EN | DE mp3 | CD
2. Serra Altíssima, SV. 117 10:00 EN | DE mp3 | CD
3. Unmistakably Christmas, SV. 167 7:00 EN | DE mp3 | CD
4. Portes du Soleil, SV. 19 8:00 EN | DE mp3 | CD
5. Requiem für die Ignoranten, SV. 54 6:00 EN | DE mp3 | CD
6. Real eyes realize real lies, SV. 32 (film music - James Bond 007) 5:30 EN | DE mp3 | CD
7. The rays of the sun create a cathedral effect through the forest, SV. 105 7:30 EN | DE mp3 | CD

All songs are remastered:

Original CD release date: December 2006

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AlexiSongs CDs

● Musicians:

The PC Orchestra

Comments from listeners on the album's last song "The rays of the sun ...":

The song is quite good, technically - me being a novice - I get it that it's quite intricate ... Sound-wise it's nice and breezy so to speak (Michael Williams, IT expert, 2012)

First observation: you are composing songs with exceptional length, not the standard length of three and a half minutes. Second observation: If one closes the eyes one can hear well the rays of the sun. Third observation: The song was worked through thematically. Fourth observation: You have maintained your inclination for melancholic ballads. Conclusion: I'm impressed, once again (Heribert Möllinger, musician & composer, 2012)