Isn't the forest black? - THE PC ORCHESTRA

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Alexander Villinger: Isn't the forest black?

INFORMATION: we would like to inform our customers that we have discontinued CD/DVD production and CD/DVD distribution in 2018, as both media have become obsolete in the meantime. Therefore the songs on this album - which is currently being remastered and edited - will only be available in mp3 format.

AlexiSongs MP3 AlexiSongs MP3

Track listing:

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1. The rays of the sun create a cathedral effect through the forest, SV. 105 7:30 EN | DE mp3
2. Little skirmish, SV. 114 5:00 EN | DE mp3
3. Autumn colours, SV. 116 6:00 EN | DE mp3
4. The horizons we’ll see will expand the ones we’ve got, SV. 120 5:30 EN | DE mp3
5. Javalis & jacarés, SV. 160 5:30 EN | DE mp3
6. Shafts of light work their way across the valley, SV. 175 6:30 EN | DE mp3
7. She'll marry her way out of the trailer park, SV. 224 5:30 EN | DE mp3

Currently available remastered songs:

MP3 album release date is due: 2023

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AlexiSongs CDs

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The PC Orchestra